“Lauren has such loving, beautiful energy and angelic presence. Her intuitive abilities are phenomenal and I was genuinely blown away by the accuracy of the visions and messages she channeled from Creator, which were so specific to me. She named things that I was barely aware of myself but which resonated deeply with me and helped me make sense of my feelings and some inner conflicts I had been experiencing. I found this deeply affirming and it helped me access greater clarity. She assisted me to name multiple limiting beliefs I was carrying which were holding me back and helped me to create new possibilities and empowering beliefs aligned with the truth of my soul. I'm deeply grateful to Lauren for the gift of the Theta Healing. She has a precious gift, is a natural intuitive guide and healer who can assist you to connect with your gifts and identify and release beliefs that are no longer serving you. I highly recommend booking a theta healing session with Lauren.”

~ Phillipa Lennon

“I had a wonderful and healing theta healing session worth Lauren. She was very warm and very intuitive and hit the spot with clearing old beliefs. She even knew what nickname my ex boyfriend had for me. Lauren made me feel very comfortable and really took her time with me. Lauren is very gifted and very in tune and grounded. I was blessed to have worked with Lauren. Thank you.”

~ Layla Greening

“I have been meaning to write to you for a long time now, I had a massive spiritual awakening and it has changed my life forever !!! I truly believe you and the session we had was the beginning of it so I wanted to say a massive thank you to you.”

~ Vanessa Fernandes

“Thanks to you the love I had for myself during pregnancy and labour was above and BEYOND. The connection I grew with myself throughout the pregnancy was the first time I treated myself with such love and respect. Happy pregnancy, happy baby. Forever grateful”

~ Paige-Pamela Robinson

“Last week I had a Theta Healing Session with Lauren. I am over the moon and pretty flabbergasted about how much junk she found and released from my subconscious, probably the most productive 60minutes of my life so far! There is not a doubt in my mind that she is the real deal. For as long as I can remember I have felt a heaviness in my heart, an unexplainable sadness that wouldn't go no matter how much 'self-love' work I did. Lauren tuned into this before the session even began. She found the roots of this feeling, plus loads of other roots, which were causing anxiety and stress in my life, and kindly removed them. After just one hour with Lauren I feel more peaceful and within 24 hours three people told me how relaxed I look! I can't recommend Lauren enough, she is incredibly gifted and her healing technique has blown me away. Already Booked my next session!”

~ Jaclyn Smith

“I entered Lauren’s beautiful home and was instantly in awe of all of her beautiful decor & the warm homely feel that she has been able to achieve. There are colourful embroidered cushions and textiles draped over much of her furniture, showcasing Lauren’s personality. Everything in the home takes you on a journey and tells you a story about Lauren’s life: ornaments and crystals that have made their way over to this sacred space from across the globe, various books, candles & artworks.

During my session, Lauren used the theta brainwave to connect to Source energy & began by carrying out an intuitive scan to discover which beliefs were creating certain issues that she felt were present in my life (this can be absolutely anything e.g. illness, financial or career issues, relationship problems, physical or mental dis-ease, etc). Although i hadn’t doubted Lauren or Theta, I have to admit that i was highly surprised at how accurate & specific these readings were, as everything that was being told to me was on point.

Lauren then asked for my permission to change and release any beliefs that were keeping me from having or achieving what I want to attract into my life and replaced them with new beliefs that would empower me to create the life that I desire. She also introduced my body to positive new feelings to encourage me to feel those. Again, these can be anything: to feel more beautiful, confident, joyful, peaceful, financially secure and/ or abundant right away.  The session went on for approx an hour and I could feel a noticeable difference in my energy and emotions and felt a shift almost instantly as we were drawing to an end. Over a week has gone by now and I can see that my path definitely seems clearer, I definitely feel as though i am attracting the right things my way in order for strength & growth and I feel much more ready & capable to face the challenges ahead.”

- Aksara Inamdar