Restoring Balance, Aligning to our Highest Vibration, Releasing Density, Clearing Blockages, Opening, Expanding, Remembering we are Whole, Healed and Complete. 

Just as you brush your teeth every day and have a daily shower, energy healing is your spiritual cleansing

Energy Healing works on the human energy field, effecting all levels of our being including the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. As we are multidimensional beings there is no separation between each of these levels, they are just vibrating at a different frequency. Energy healing can bring a great sense of calm and balance to our system, it can help to calm an over active mind, release stress and tension from the body, help to ease emotional turmoil, help us to cope better with stress and anxiety, release fears, and clear away any density that we may been holding on to.

I first trained in energy healing in 2011 with my meditation teacher at the time, she was a beautiful lady called Mayan. I started to practice Reiki and that lead me on a journey of wanting to know the 'secrets of the Universe'. I soon had the travel bug and began an exploration to visit exotic places and energetic power points across the world in search of truth and healing. I trained in several modalities including: Clinical Hypnotherapy, FreeMind Hypnotherapy, Divine I AM Light Grids Transmissions (a type of Channeling) and Theta Healing. Throughout this time my connection with the Angelic realm also increased and I now channel messages from the Angels.

What I learnt is that most spiritual teachings are pointing to the same place

 * We have everything we need inside of us

* Heaven and hell are states of mind

* Our beliefs, thoughts & emotions are creating our reality

* True freedom exists right now in this moment

EVERYTHING is connected - separation is an illusion

* We are sparks of the Divine here to be a living expression of the creative life force (now that's how amazing we are!)


After a healing session we often feel Lighter

This is because our vibration has raised in frequency and in effect released the denser vibrations that were stored within our energy field. Energy healing can help us to release any baggage that we may have been carrying around and dissolves any blockages that may have been keeping us stuck or unable to move forward. Energy healing can enable us to rise out of a worrisome mindset and into a more positive and expansive energy and state of mind.

Some healing will be hands on and some will be hands off as I work on the more subtle layers of your energy field

During a healing session you will lay down on a comfortable massage bed, you will be fully clothed and comfortable, with a blanket and pillow if required.  I will channel energy out of my hands into your energy field and body. I will also channel healing energies / transmissions into the space, working with the Angelic realm and bringing these Angelic energies into the session.

Your Session will be tailor made especially for You & what it is that you would like to Release + Attract into your Life

To book a session you can contact me on: