“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”

~ Rumi

Hello, I'm Lauren,


I'm an Intuitive Healer, Channel and Hypnotherapist. I  help people to find peace with their inner world, awaken their inner light and live a more soulful life.

I'm also a qualified Montessori Teacher and have been around the children for many years,  working  in Montessori schools, nurseries and as a private nanny.


One of the things I noticed in all the roles I worked in was how stressed and pressurised people seemed to be. It was as if everyone was chasing something but were not quite sure what it was. It seemed that many people were on an invisible hamster wheel, attempting to escape, distract or repress any uncomfortable feelings that were showing up. I ended up feeling incredibly stressed and anxious from living in this way and it made me even more passionate about finding the inner calm and happiness that I knew was possible.

Change your Inner world and your outer world will Change..

I realised that if we didn't like how we were living or what was showing up in our life, instead of pushing forward and distracting ourselves from looking at what was going on, we could look within and make the changes to change our life and way of living for the better. 

The Children taught me to Remember the Magic of Childlike Wonder and Joy for Life.

Children teach us how to live in the moment where every day is a full of awe and adventure. We can also live like this, with eyes wide open basking in the beauty all around us. This is actually our natural state, yet as we grow older we tend to forget what's important, we can become blind to the magic within and around us and loose our excitement for life. I'm here to help you to come back to this space where life feels magical again!

Every Moment is A New Beginning!

We are powerful creators and what we can imagination can be our reality. As the children believe anything is possible, it is time for us to believe in ourselves and re-awaken our magic! Life is so precious, why not begin now and create a life we love.

There is a Greater Part of you that Knows exactly what to do.

Through my energy healing sessions and intuitive readings I connect with Divine Source wisdom to recieve insight and guidance, clear any discordant energies and resolve limiting beliefs that may be blocking you or creating unhealthy patterns in your life so you're able to feel lighter, more free and aligned with your Soul's truth. We all deserve to live a life of love, joy and abund ance and it's totally possible no matter what we have experienced in the past.


I invite you on a Journey of Transformation, a Journey back to who you truly are, which is right here, right now and has never left you.

All my Love,

Lauren  x